Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun House

Get your weekend started with some crazy home furnishings sure to make your house the funnest (well aware that's not really a word) house on the block :) $3885.00

a sure way to trip people out. LED Faucet Light-, $15.00

Never had the urge to own a fish...until now. Ridiculously cute fish bowl., $237.00

Actually pretty obsessed with this. trying to convince the husband he could "easily" conjure one of these up with his mad carpentry skills. $7500.00

a throne fit for any crazy queen. and this crazy queen would be sitting in it ALL the time. And hey, it's only $11,855.00, so no big deal... (

Let's not forget the little ones (which I dont have, but if I did, they would have one of these). Heck, I would probably hang out in this too. All.The.Time. (

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