Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coming Attractions

So as you can imagine, as soon as I found out our offer had been accepted on the house, I began scouring the internet for inspiration to accompany each room. I compiled all these images into a power point & excitedly presented it to Phillip, whose response was, "Hmm, Nice, Looks expensive..." Sheesh. Men.

Anyway---here are a few photos, just to give you an idea of the thoughts floating around in my busy brain! (BTW--I do not take credit for any of these lovely images. I found them mainly via google image search!)

Mucho Fabuloso Red & Black Kitchen. And Yes. we ARE painting the cabinets red. <3>

Turquoise, Black, & Grey Dining Room. Not sure exactly what's gonna happen in this room. All I know is, it's HUGE & they are leaving the beautiful vintage chandeleir. SCORE!

Guest Bedroom. Makes you wanna come visit, eh? :)

Green bathroom. This is actually the same exact flooring we have picked out at Lowes :)

Dark Purple & Grey Master bedroom. Fit for a Queen...oh, and King :)

Isn't this turquoise door uhhh-mazingggg?!

Cobalt Blue Living room, will be similar to our living room now, just better, of course

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