Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ahoy Matey!

So about three months ago, Elle Magazine forecasted one of my faveeeeee trends to be big this spring & that is....THE NAUTICAL LOOK! Yay! While some may find this look a little too halloween-y, I find it to be fresh & fabulous! Not only did Elle brighten my day with thoughts of navy striped tops, big gold buttons, and anchor earrings, but they also lured me in with these beauties, which for once (as far as Elle goes...) were in my price range!

Ok, now for the sad part of the story. Supposedly, these are from the Jessica Simpson line, and only $59. So three months later, it is March and I have one question: WHERE THE CRAP ARE THEY?! Hello! Spring is almost over (as far as the fashion world goes) and there is still no sign of these lovelies in stores or on her website! Jessica, you are such a tease.

So instead of dwelling on the MIA status of the shoes, I put together a spread of cute but affordable nautical wear for this spring! Oh, and if these shoes ever DO come out, rest assured you will see me towering above the crowds with a big smile on my face!

{The Details}

Nautical Anchor Tee- Delias $27, Nautical Straw tote- Forever21 $13, Nautical tunic- Forever21 $25, Rope Belt Shorts- Forever21 $21, Striped Bow Dress- $50, Anchor Necklace- Forever21 $5.80, Commodore Skirt- $58, Canvas Peep toe wedge- $19, Red Patent belt- $18

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