Monday, April 12, 2010

I Dream of Sofas

After months (& months & months) of looking for a new sofa that is modern/contemporary/fun but not equal in cost to the down payment of a house, I finally stumbled upon the coolest thing since sliced bread. CUSTOMIZABLE sofas! and they are OH-SO-AFFORDABLE! I'm freaking out right now.

Home Reserve

P.S.---these prices are so amazing, I'm probably gonna be throwing in a few chairs too!


  1. wow that's exciting! I love the teal, I have a teal addiction, I try to incorporate into every room of the apartment, but the living room is missing some...

  2. Those scream... SCREAM Lauren Holland Laye!! And p.s. I really think you should purchase a new couch before the light... Don't get me wrong it is hot but I know what hides under the couch cover and it is not hot. :-*