Monday, April 5, 2010

Things I would be buying...if I were allowed to shop

Along with the excitement of buying a new house comes a few sacrifices. And by sacrifices, I mean painful sacrifices. That's right. Phillip has put a ban on my shopping habit for a while. (GASP!)

I mean, I completely understand why, I do. But it doesn't make it any easier and it sure does cut down on the fun I could be having on my lunch breaks every day! But don't think for one minute that this 'ban' has cut down on my browsing. :) There are still plenty of things out there I want (and will eventually have, probably). They are just gonna have to wait. And on the bright side, maybe by the time I am allowed to shop again, they will be on sale & even cheaper than they already are! :)



Old Navy Ruffled Tankini Tops $20
Old Navy Ruffled swim bottoms $17
WetSeal turquoise bangle set $13
Forever21 turquoise peeptoe flats $23
H&M Flower Peeptoes, Clipped by Cebiie (in stores only)
Forever21 Canvas Tote $26
Old Navy linen blend skirt $25
Nautical Necklace (Target) $50

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  1. You're a browse-a-holic! lol <3 the blog! Aves