Monday, April 26, 2010

Lightning Crashes...

So I've been working my butt off like my butt's never been worked off before this past week, since closing. We have been busy bees, re-sanding floors, ripping up tile, re-building the bathroom floor, sanding walls, etc etc. My body aches & so does my mind. I've got lots of "before" pictures to post on here but see, this beyond crappy thing happened this past weekend, which has prevented these pictures from making their debut on here...


Saturday, while we were at the house working like mad men, storms rolled through & lightning struck & fried all of our electronics. Two TVs, the computer & printer, the Wii, & the stereo system--GONE. Sad, Sad day. Seriously. However, we have plent of blessings to count, seeing as 12+ people lost their lives in Mississippi from these same storms, and all we lost was a few possessions. SO, when we settle with insurance & I can replace my computer, I will upload photos. Until then, imaginations will have to be put to work, concerning the progress of out little fixer-upper. :)

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