Thursday, April 15, 2010

Owls. Cute or Creepy?

I don't know if you all have noticed how big the 'owl trend' has gotten lately, but it seems like the cute little birds are popping up everywhere! --Everything from jewlery to pillows, shirts and even this quite hilarious dress (posted below). While I find them adorable (in most cases), it dawned on me last night, when I showed Phillip my new, cute little (big) owl necklace, and he laughed hysterically, that maybe everbody doesnt find them as cute as I do. I guess they could get a little eery-looking if used too much (ie- like those freaky porcelain dolls people like to place all around a room). So what do you think? Whimsical owl details, cute or creepy?

This is what the necklace I got looks like. See, cute right? :)


Owl Tee, ModCloth- $28
Owl Charm Necklace, ModCloth- $15
Multi Owl Pendant, ASOS- $14
Plastic Owl ring, UO- $10
BKE Owl Ring, Buckle- $8
Owl T ote, $35
Owl Journal, $18
Owl Lamp, $120
Owl decorative pillow, Target- $18

Now this is just RIDICULOUS!


  1. i think that owl necklace is ADORABLE! actually my sister has been on the hunt for the perfect owl necklace--is that top one from modcloth?

  2. I actually just bought the owl pendant from Michael's Arts & Crafts and put it on a chain I already had! Michael's has an unbelievable jewelry making section that I just discovered yesterday!

  3. I have that same owl necklace. :) I love owls, so it makes me really happy that they're getting popular. PLEASE tell me where you found that dress?!!

  4. I think the dress is fabulous!! I totally would wear it!!

  5. OK, I am obsessed with owls. DO NOT SAY THE OWL DRESS IS DUMB. I saw it on Google images and was like "OMG, I WANT THAT!" I got owl pjs. Laptop bag. Big bag I don't need, but it was an owl so I got it anyway. Stickers, necklace, shirt, skirt, earrings, so, YEA. They are adorable. I got an owl stuffed animal last night for V-day. *early* I LOVED IT.